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Tarryhill Residence

Austin, TX

The Tarryhill Residence, located in one of Austin’s historically traditional neighborhoods, was conceived to create a home and a haven for a young family of five. A simple material palette consists of masonry walls with traditional lath and plaster.
The Vision

Our goal was to make a building that embraced the realities of aging with time. We used materials that will weather gracefully, over the life of the house.

  • Structural Engineer

    MJ Structures

  • Builder

    Divit Tripathi, LLC

  • Interior Design

    Kathrine Jones, HL Designs

  • Kitchen Consultant

    Kitchens for Cooks

  • Photographer

    Andrew Pogue & Matthew Williams

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Reclaimed clay roof tiles, custom made steel windows, and natural copper gutters and downspouts are some of the exterior materials.

Maebius10515 Edit

The natural material palette allows for rooms to transform from inside to outside on the main level of the house.


As the house was designed to embrace the outdoors, the special program includes a large exterior loggia/exterior living room which then transitions to the landscape beyond. Though this house is designed to include air-conditioning, the use of thick walls, shaded exterior spaces and courts as well as trellised gardens creates an environment that can be lived in year round with little mechanical cooling.

Project Team
  • Arthur W. Andersson, FAIA

  • F. Christian Wise, AIA

  • Travis Greig

  • Jill Reineke Clark