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Elizita Ranch

Hebronville, TX

Inspired by the hauntingly powerful character of the South Texas Plains, Elizita Ranch is comprised of structures and shade canopies designed to invite inhabitation of this rugged environment.
The Vision

Elemental geometric structures of smooth burnished stucco are combined with rustic cedar trellis canopies to create a shaded compound with protected views out to the landscape.

  • Interior Designer

    Chapman Design

  • Builder

    Jimmy Moore Construction

  • Structural Engineer

    Architectural Engineers Collaborative

  • Mechanical Engineer

    EEA Consulting Engineers

  • Lighting Designer

    KL Lighting Studios

  • Photographer

    Andrew Pogue

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Spaces transition from inside to out under deep roof canopies.


Natural cedar post and trellis structures provide protection from the intense sun.

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The ranch buildings are made of traditional plaster walls with corrugated metal roofing.

Project Team
  • Arthur W. Andersson, FAIA

  • F. Christian Wise, AIA

  • Selina Ortiz Hasler

  • Amy Freedberg

  • Chase Humphrey

  • Greg Montgomery

  • Ang-Ruei Shih

  • Kamree Cameron

  • Design Award of Merit - American Institute of Architecture, Austin Chapter - Elizita Ranch

    American Institute of Architecture, Austin Chapter