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House Above Lake Austin

Austin, TX

Out of the rough-hewn rock above the river comes a sculpted domicile. Exterior walls are gray, burnished stucco with carefully positioned apertures facing views of the water and hills beyond.
The Vision

An adjacent limestone bluff is the inspiration for this masonry residence designed to be a comfortable refuge overlooking Lake Austin.  

  • Structural

    Way Consulting Engineers

  • Builder

    VRW Construction Company

  • Interior Design

    Ann Dupuy

  • Photographer

    Art Gray and Matthew Millman

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“apertures in walls and on the roof, grab light from the west in various ways so that natural light glows deep inside the house. Monolithic walls made of earth-colored plaster receive this glowing light.”

On the Salubrity of Sites: The Residential Architecture of Arthur Andersson and Chris Wise, Fredrick Steiner

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18th Century stone window from Provence.

Project Team
  • Arthur W. Andersson, FAIA

  • F. Christian Wise, AIA

  • Tim Dacey